Gethsemane (I) (season finale)
Episode 24 of 24 within Season Four. Item 97 of 210 overall.
Production number 4X24.
Chris Carter - Writer
R. W. Goodwin - Director
1,158 votes

While investigating the discovery of a preserved alien body found in the mountains of Canada, Mulder is contacted by Michael Kritschgau.

He tells Mulder about a government conspiracy to make people believe in aliens without question, and Mulder has been the prime target.

Meanwhile, Scully is forced to confront her own mortality.

original airdate--May 18,1997      rating--19.85 million

network: Fox

music--theme song "X-Files" by Mark Snow"



Goof: Mulder tells Scully to meet him at "The Smithsonian". She can't do this, because The Smithsonian Institute is actually a series of buildings - 19 museums, 9 research centers, and the National Zoo, to be exact - not just one museum or building. She could not know where because Mulder did not specify one museum or building, and they aren't all in the same place; there are several on the Mall, but not all of them are there. The screen also says that they are at "The Smithsonian".


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regional titles

Gethsemane (I) (seizoensfinale)
Gethsemane (I) (season finale)
Le Baiser de Judas (I) (fin de saison)
Gethsemane (I) (Saisonfinale)
Gethsemane (I) (séasúr finale)
Gethsemane (I) (finale di stagione)
Gethsemane (I) (final de temporada)