Bad Blood
Episode 12 of 20 within Season Five. Item 109 of 204 overall.
Production number 5X12.
Vince Gilligan - Writer
Cliff Bole - Director
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Having to give a report to Assistant Director Skinner on their latest case, Mulder and Scully both give each other their interpretation of the events that led to Mulder killing a man who he suspected was a vampire that occurred while investigating an X-file case in Texas.

original airdate--February 22,1998                           rating--19.25  million

music--theme song "X-Files" by Mark Snow"

  1. "Theme from Shaft" by Isaac Hayes (sung by David Duchovny)
  2. "Rondo Carpriccio Camille Saint-Sa'ns, Ride of the Walkyries" by Richard Wagner


  • During the autopsy of the first patient, when the camera shows a close-up on the patient's neck where the bite marks are, you can see the actor's pulse right above them.
  • When Mulder breaks the chair in the motel room during his version of the story a hand is seen placing a stake onto the remnants of the chair. This is possibly deliberate because it adds to the comedic value of the two-story theme for this particular episode, with Mulder and Scully arguing about minute details.
  • During the first autopsy that Scully performs, we see the victim's body with the chest already open. Scully later says that she'll "begin with the Y-incision", but this has clearly already been done.



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Bad Blood
Le ShÈriff ý les Dents Longues
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