The Red and the Black (II)
Episode 14 of 20 within Season Five. Item 111 of 210 overall.
Production number 5X14.
Chris Carter - Writer
Frank Spotnitz - Writer
Chris Carter - Director
938 votes

After the gathering at the abduction site where everyone is killed by the rebel bounty hunters, Cassandra Spender disappears and Mulder is blamed by her son, Jeffrey, who is an up-and-coming FBI agent.

Meanwhile, the Syndicate is continuing their tests to create a vaccine for the Black Cancer and Marita Covarrubias becomes an unwilling test subject.

original airdate--March 08,1998  rating--19.98 million

network: Fox

music--theme song "X-Files" by Mark Snow"

  1. "The Red and the Black" by Blue Öyster Cult


Goof: On at least one occasion the scene location title gave the location of a scene as being in "Silver Springs" Maryland. There is no "Silver Springs" Maryland; the proper name of the city just north of Washington DC is "Silver Spring" - singular not plural. There is, however, a "Silver Springs" in Florida.

Trivia: The Title of this episode is taken from a song title by Blue Öyster Cult from the album Tyranny & Mutation. Ironically, BOC has written a few songs about aliens and the Men in Black


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regional titles

De Rode en de Zwarte
The Red and the Black (II)
Patient X (II)
Cassandra (2)
An Dearg agus Dubh
Il rosso e il nero
El Rojo y el Negro