The End (season finale)
Episode 20 of 20 within Season Five. Item 117 of 204 overall.
Production number 5X20.
Chris Carter - Writer
R. W. Goodwin - Director
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An attempted assassination draws Mulder and Scully into an investigation that strikes at the heart of the X-Files, bringing an important person from Mulder's past into direct conflict with Scully.

original airdate--May 17,1998            rating--18.76  million

music--theme song "X-Files" by Mark Snow"


Goofs:A move is repeated in the opening chess game. The first overhead shot shows Gibson's white rook near the top left of the board. The adult opponent then takes it with his king at the bottom of the board. Gibson next moves the white rook to the bottom of the board and the adult captures it again, repeating his earlier move.

  • The Russian chess champion is shot and falls to the floor, taking the chess board with him. In the next shot, when Gibson Praise is looking up for the shooter, the chess board is on the table again and with some pieces neatly standing on it. Furthermore, when we see the shooting on video during the FBI briefing, the Russian merely nudges the board with his hand, which makes it spin a few times, dislodging some of the pieces.
  • The Vancouver Science World (a dome like sphere) is seen in several scenes when the Smoking Man meets Krycek outside. In that particular scene, they were supposedly in the US
  • When the sniper shoots the chess player, the player falls knocking the chessboard and pieces on to the floor. However, in the next shot the board is back on the table.
  • At 00:35, you see the Russian grandmaster capture Kh8xRg8. In the next shot, Gibson plays Rg4-g8. These scenes are in the wrong order.
  • In addition, to the repeated move, a black pawn suddenly moves backward one space, which is not only a continuity error but an impossible move. Without this change, Gibson would not have gotten checkmate as the black queen would have not have been blocked.


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regional titles

The End (season finale)
La fin
Das Ende
La fine
El Fin