Two Fathers
Episode 11 of 22 within Season Six. Item 128 of 204 overall.
Production number 6X11.
Chris Carter - Writer
Frank Spotnitz - Writer
Kim Manners - Director
638 votes

The return of an alien abductee threatens to finally expose the conspiracy involving extraterrestrials, forcing the Cigarette Smoking Man to strike back at Mulder and Scully with greater determination.

original airdate--February 7,1999      rating--18.81  million

music--theme song "X-Files" by Mark Snow"


Goofs: The special effects operator and his fire rig are briefly visibly when the rebel alien kills the Syndicate elder while disguised as Dr. Openshaw.

  • In every other episode, the ice pick to the nape of an alien's neck releases toxic fumes, along with the ichor, but in this episode, when Agent Spender and Krycek kill the rebel alien, they are unaffected by the exposure of the ichor to air, which should have been toxic for them to inhale.

Trivia:We learn the name of the black oil virus: "Purity".

  • The Cigarette-Smoking Man's "real" name, CGB Spender, is used for the first time.


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regional titles

Two Fathers
Toute la V»rit» (I)
Zwei Všter
Due padri un figlio - 1
Dos Padres