Episode 20 of 22 within Season One. Item 20 of 65 overall.
Production number 2T5719.
John Enbom - Writer
Phil Klemmer - Writer
John T. Kretchmer - Director
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When a classmate's boyfriend threatens to post a humiliating video of the girl online if she dumps him, Veronica helps her concoct a scheme to ensure "mutually assured destruction" if he doesn't allow the relationship to end peacefully.

Meanwhile, Keith begins to search for Duncan after his parents post a huge reward for information on his whereabouts. Later, as her secret new relationship heats up, Veronica learns a disturbing new fact about the night that she was drugged and assaulted.

original airdate--April 26,2005  rating--3.04 million

network: UPN

music--theme song "We Used To Be Friends" by The Dandy Warhols

  1. "Gold Rush" by Kissinger. 
  2. "Me And You And A Dog Named Boo" by Lobo. 
  3. "Finding Out True Love Is Blind" by Louis XIV.
  4. "Tu Abandono" by X Herrera. 
  5. "Let's Sail Away" by Josh Kramon and Jeff D'Agustino.
  6. "Love Is Here To Stay" by Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald.  
  7. "Crimson And Clover" by Tommy James and The Shondells.


Trivia--Keith discovers the Kane's are offering $50,000 to find Duncan. 

Goofs: (at around 1 min) When Veronica and Logan are talking in front of the fireplace, you can see the boom mic reflected in the mirror above the mantle, going back and forth between them as they say their lines.


"This is my school. If you go here, your parents are either millionaires or they work for millionaires. Neptune, California. A town without a middle class. If you're in the second group, you get a job: fast food, movie theaters, mini-marts. Or you could be me. My after-school job means tailing philandering spouses or investigating false injury claims....(closing voiceover) Okay, it's a long shot, but I can't help myself. I used to think I knew what tore our family apart. Now I'm sure I don't. But I promise this: I will find out what really happened, and I will bring this family back together again. I'm sorry, is that mushy? Well, you know what they say. Veronica Mars, she's a marshmallow."

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