Ex Post Facto
Episode 7 of 15 within Season One. Item 7 of 171 overall.
Production number 40840-108.
Evan Carlos Somers - Story
Michael Piller - Teleplay
Evan Carlos Somers - Teleplay
Levar Burton - Director
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Stardate: Unknown--Tom Paris is found guilty of murder by the courts of an unknown planet - and his punishment is to relive the crime from the victim's point of view every 14 hours for the rest of his life.

However Janeway is convinced of his innocence, but the mental implant in Paris' brain prevents him from remembering what really happened.

original airdate--February 27,1995  rating--8.0 million


music--theme by Jerry Goldsmith


Goof: A light fixture in the room where Harry Kim is interviewed, when he first arrives; is the same one seen several times in the episode titled "Time and Again", And these two episodes were not on the same planet.

Trivia: 47-reference: in her opening log entry, Janeway claims to have discovered the 247th element (according to Federation science).

Factoid: The Emergency Medical Hologram is trying to decide on a name; he considers and dismisses Dr. Galen, Dr. Salk, Dr. Spock. 

Alien Races: Baneans,Numiri


"Unhappy with a new treaty, Federation colonists along the Cardassian border have banded together. Calling themselves 'The Maquis' they continue to fight the Cardassians. Some consider them heroes, but to the governments of the Federation and Cardassia, they are outlaws." 

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regional titles

Ex Post Facto
Une fois l'impossible exclu
Die Augen des Toten
Un testimone insolito
El juicio de Paris