Death Wish
Episode 18 of 26 within Season Two. Item 33 of 171 overall.
Production number 40840-130.
Shawn Piller - Story
Michael Piller - Teleplay
James L. Conway - Director
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Stardate: 49301.2--While trying to take in a sample of a rogue comet, the crew of Voyager inadvertently beams aboard a member of the Q, who has been imprisoned in the comet by the Continuum due to his desire to commit suicide.

Elsewhere when the Q who had pestered Captain Jean-Luc Picard for so many years materializes, Q asks for asylum on Voyager, which leads to a lengthy court hearing on this request.

original airdate--February 19,1996     rating--6.8 million

network--UPN          Alien Races: Q

music--theme by Jerry Goldsmith

Goofs: Riker is wearing the old-style com-badge, which suggests that he has been "abducted" from a time before 2370, i.e. before Voyager was launched and got lost in the Delta Quadrant. Therefore he should have no knowledge of Janeway being captain of that vessel. Janeway took command in 2371.

  • At 16:00, Q calls himself to the stand, its obvious that his "counterpart" was filmed in different lighting, as seen on the hair color.

Trivia: When first contacted by producers about appearing in the episode, John de Lancie thought it would be for an appearance on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

  • One of Quinn's hiding places from Q involves turning Voyager into a Christmas ornament. The same year that this episode aired (1996), Hallmark released a Voyager Christmas ornament.
  • The scenes of the comet where Q/Quinn was imprisoned are re-used footage of another comet shown in "Star Trek: The Next Generation" (1987) {Masks (#7.17)}.
  • During the visit to the Q Continuum, Quinn shows Captain Janeway a copy of an article that he wrote about life in the Continuum. The second paragraph of Quinn's article, which begins "Above all I was struck by the unhealthy pallor of his skin..." is actually an excerpt from a real article about Adolf Hitler entitled "A Man on a Mountain", written by John Cudahy, that appeared in the June 23, 1941 issue of LIFE Magazine. (Quinn's article is only shown on screen for a few seconds, but can be easily read by using the DVD freeze frame option).
  • According to the short article entitled "Bringing Back Q", appearing in the Feb. 17-23, 1996 issue of TV Guide, Michael Piller originally wanted to bring on more guest stars for this episode than actually had appeared. According to Piller, "We tried to get Michael Jordan, but he wants to be hired as an actor, not as himself. We also wanted to get Cal Ripken, Bill Gates, Henry Kissinger, or Frank Sinatra," adding, "Hey, we aim high."


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Death Wish
Diritto di morte
Última Voluntad