In The Flesh
Episode 4 of 26 within Season Five. Item 97 of 171 overall.
Production number 40840-198.
Joe Menosky - Story
Nicholas Sagan - Teleplay
David Livingston - Director
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Stardate: 52136.4--Voyager discovers Species 8472 has constructed a simulation of Starfleet headquarters in San Francisco so they can practice posing as humans in the initial stages of an invasion of Earth. Voyager helps a medieval type alien culture who sees Species 8472 as demonic gods.

original airdate--November 04,1998    rating--4.2 million

network--UPN        Alien Races--Species 8472

music--theme by Jerry Goldsmith

Starships--Delta Flyer


Goofs: When the cadet takes a holoimage picture of Boothby and Chakotay, Boothby kiddingly tells her not to cut of their heads. We see through the viewfinder's image that she does cut off the top of Chakotay's head. Yet later, when the captain and others are reviewing the pictures, we see all of Chakotay's head.


Trivia: Starfleet Directive 010 - "Before engaging in armed conflict with an alien species - any and all non-military attempts to make first contact must be tried."


  • Despite all of their interactions, and eventually a tentative friendship, the Voyager crew never learns the actual name of Species 8472.


Factoid: When Janeway was a cadet, Boothby, the head groundskeeper at Starfleet Academy, used to give her fresh roses for her quarters. 

Alien Races: Species 8472, [Vulcans], [Ferengi], [Bolians]

Starships: Delta Flyer

"Unhappy with a new treaty, Federation colonists along the Cardassian border have banded together. Calling themselves 'The Maquis' they continue to fight the Cardassians.Some consider them heroes, but to the governments of the Federation and Cardassia, they are outlaws."

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regional titles

In The Flesh
In Fleisch und Blut
La teoria di Shaw
Lobo En Piel De Oveja