The Buys
Episode 3 of 13 within Season One. Item 3 of 60 overall.
Production number 103.
Ed Burns - Story
David Simon - Story
David Simon - Teleplay
Peter Medak - Director
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After early morning "field interviews" conducted by Herc, Carver and Prez lead to a minor riot and bad publicity for the police, Daniels gets called in by the Deputy Commissioner.

McNulty sends Mahone and Polk to the terrace to get a photo of Avon Barksdale. D'Angelo delivers the daily count to Stringer Bell who in turn, gives D'Angelo a bonus.

original airdate--June 16,2002

network: HBO

music--Opening theme--"Way Down in the Hole" by Tom Waits

  1. "2 Kool 2 Be 4-Gotten" by Lucinda Williams
  2. "Down Ass Bitch" by ja rule
  3. "Tell Me Something Good" by Stevie Wonder
  4. "It Takes Two" by Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock
  5. "Dirty Old Town" by The Pogues
  6. "The Hunter Gets Captured by the Game (Single)" by The Marvelettes


Epigraph--"The King stay the King". 

D'Angelo uses this phrase when describing the rules of chess using the analogy of the drug trade when explaining to Bodie that pawns can only become queens, never kings. In the analogy Avon Barksdale is the king.


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regional titles

De Buys
The Buys
Die kauft
Na Buys
i Buys
los Buys