The Hunt
Episode 11 of 13 within Season One. Item 11 of 60 overall.
Production number 111.
Ed Burns - Story
David Simon - Story
Joy Lusco Kecken - Teleplay
Steve Shill - Director
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While a life of an detective hangs in the balance, the officers deals with the shock in many different ways.

Daniels is ordered by the Deputy Commissioner to raid all the locations to appease the Commissioner's desire for "dope on the table."

original airdate--August 18,2002

network: HBO 

music--Opening theme--"Way Down in the Hole" by Tom Waits

  1. "Satisfied?" by J-Live
  2. "Unfriendly Game" by Masta Ace & Strick
  3. "I Want a Little Sugar In My Bowl" by Nina Simone
  4. "Unfriendly Game (feat. Stricklin)" by Masta Ace Feat. Stricklin


Epigraph--"Dope on the damn table." 

The epigraph refers to the commissioner's desire to seize drug dealers' assets in response to the shooting of a police officer, irrespective of how it will affect larger cases.

Goofs: When Rhonda Perlman and Jimmy Mcnulty are arguing on the street Dominic West's British accent can clearly be heard.

  • Lt. Daniels tells McNulty of Kima's medical condition, including that she has had a "trach", but in the final scene of Kima in the ICU, she is clearly intubated orally (in her mouth). Once a patient has had a tracheotomy, it would continue to be used during that course of treatment.

Trivia--The corner that Greggs gets shot at shows the street signs "Longwood St" and "North Warwick Av". Although both Streets exist in West Baltimore, they never intersect. Although the show stays close to facts concerning the scenery in Baltimore, it might be intended to not give a too specific crime scene.


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regional titles

De jacht
The Hunt
La chasse
Die Jagd
The Hunt
La caccia
La caza