Hard Cases
Episode 4 of 12 within Season Two. Item 17 of 60 overall.
Production number 204.
Joy Lusco Kecken - Story
David Simon - Story
Joy Lusco Kecken - Teleplay
Elodie Keene - Director
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Greggs The medical examiner determines that the bad package which killed five inmates and hospitalized eight others was cut with strychnine, so the heat is on to close the case quickly; as the pressure mounts to deliver Omar's testimony in the Gant case, McNulty enlists Bubbles in the search, but an unhappy Omar finds Bubbles first.

Meanwhile, Dee confronts Avon about the bad package and washes his hands of the business; Daniels and Burrell strike a deal on the detail, but Rawls refuses to reassign McNulty while okaying Greggs, Hauk and Lester; Stringer continues to struggle with poor quality product from his suppliers; Avon brokers a deal to give up Tilghman for a reduction in his sentence.

However, McNulty continues his efforts to identify his floater; pleased with the outcome of their prior deal, the Greeks come to Nick and Ziggy with a request for bulk chemicals; after Sobotka chews Nick out for stealing the container and tells him to keep a low profile, Nick passes the word to his cousin, which falls on deaf ears; Daniels and Greggs get the silent treatment in their respective homes after they break the news of the new detail to their wives; McNulty signs the separation papers as he asks Elena for another chance; Bunk, Lester and Russell terrify Sobotka when they drop by the bar for a little quality face time.

original airdate--June 22,2003


music--Opening theme--"Way Down in the Hole" by The Blind Boys of Alabama

  1. "Ruler of My Heart" by Irma Thomas
  2. "I Promise to Remember" by Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers
  3. "Magic Carpet Ride" by Steppenwolf
  4. "He Was Really Saying Something" by The Velvelettes
  5. "Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad" by Tammy Wynette
  6. "Maybe the Last Time" by James Brown & The Famous Flames


Epigraph--" If I hear the music, I'm gonna dance."

Greggs makes this statement about her inability to return to investigative work without becoming fully involved.


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regional titles

Hard gevallen
Hard Cases
Cas difficiles
Schwere Fälle
Cásanna crua
casi difficili
Los casos difíciles