Duck and Cover
Episode 8 of 12 within Season Two. Item 21 of 60 overall.
Production number 208.
Ed Burns - Writer
David Simon - Writer
George P. Pelecanos - Story
David Simon - Story
George P. Pelecanos - Teleplay
Daniel Attias - Director
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Ziggy Sobotka and Nick visit the diner to meet with The Greek. Vondas tries to persuade them to meet with him, but Sobotka is angry and adamant, and only when he begins to leave does The Greek appear. Sobotka explains the reasons for his paranoia and advises that The Greek shut down the warehouse.

Instead, The Greek tells him to deliver more disappeared but clean containers there, "to show them there is nothing to hide." When Sobotka demands that he be paid the regular rate for disappearing the clean cans, The Greek is at first reluctant, but then agrees to pay after Nick is insistent.

original airdate--July 27,2003      


music--Opening theme--"Way Down in the Hole" by The Blind Boys of Alabama

  1. "The Wanderer" by Dion & The Belmonts
  2. "Transmetropolitan" by The Pogues



Epigraph--"How come they don't fly away?" - Ziggy

Ziggy's question as to why ducks don't leave their cages when they are free to do so.


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regional titles

Duck and Cover
Duck and Cover
Canard et la couverture
Ente und Abdeckung
Duck agus Clúdach
Duck and Cover
Agachate y cubrete