Dead Soldiers
Episode 3 of 12 within Season Three. Item 28 of 60 overall.
Production number 303.
Dennis Lehane - Story
David Simon - Story
Dennis Lehane - Teleplay
Rob Bailey - Director
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Burrell Colvin feels the sting of Burrell and Rawls during a Comstat assessment of his district's felony numbers; a blown wiretap forces Daniels' detail to turn to a new target; Proposition Joe cautions Stringer Bell that the police have been tapping phones, as revealed by Cheese's failed bust.

Carcetti continues to curry favor in Mayor Royce's inner circle with a scheme for jump-starting a police academy class for Burrell. Omar and crew get more than they bargained for during a stick-up of a Barksdale stash house; Colvin has a new crime-reduction plan, one that he is not telling to the bosses. Already awash in police work, Bunk is dispatched on a mission impossible. McNulty probes deeper into D'Angelo Barksdale's prison suicide last year, while Marlo suggests Fruit get his slumping sales numbers up with a persuasive visit to Bodie's crew. 

original airdate--October 03,2004


music--Opening theme--"Way Down in the Hole" by The Neville Brothers

  1. "The Body of an American" by The Pogues
  2. "Sally MacLennane" by The Pogues


Epigraph--"The gods will not save you". - Burrell

Burrell makes this statement to his district commanders at a comstat meeting as a means of telling the commanders that their performance is to meet specific demands regardless of the realities of their district.


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regional titles

Dode soldaten
Dead Soldiers
Soldats morts
Tote Soldaten
Saighdiúirí Dead
soldati morti
Los soldados muertos