Home Rooms
Episode 3 of 13 within Season Four. Item 40 of 60 overall.
Production number 403.
Ed Burns - Story
Richard Price - Story
Richard Price - Teleplay
Seith Mann - Director
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Prez learns a difficult lesson during his first week at school; Bunny mulls an offer for a crime-research study; Rawls sabotages Freamon's unit; the mayor reacts to Carcetti's debate bombshell.

Proposition Joe suggests reaching out to Marlo; Bunk gets a taste of McNulty's domesticated life.

original airdate--September 24,2006

network: HBO

music--Opening theme--"Way Down in the Hole" by DoMaJe and Steve Earle

  1. "2nd Winter" by Sm Town
  2. "Drop From Below" by Black Toast Music
  3. "Crunk Muzik" by The Diplomats
  4. "Brinquen Mi Raza" by Paco
  5. "Can't See You" by Alfonso Christian Lover
  6. "9 Volt Heart" by The Iguanas
  7. "Arrimate" by The Iguanas
  8. "Cool Stepper" by Max Harris
  9. "Why Didn't You Call Me" by Macy Gray
  10. "Bullet To The Brain" by Black Toast Music
  11. "Organic" by Billy Sherwood
  12. "The Fall" by Blake Leyh

Epigraph--"I love the first day, man. Everybody all friendly an' shit". - Namond Brice

Namond Brice remarking (ironically) how people tend to be more friendly than usual on the first day of school.


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regional titles

Home kamers
Home Rooms
Accueil chambres
Home Zimmer
Baile Seomraí
Home Camere
Inicio Habitaciones