Unto Others
Episode 7 of 13 within Season Four. Item 44 of 60 overall.
Production number 407.
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An imprisoned Omar looks to an unlikely source for help; Prez uses unorthodox methods to get his kids to learn; Greggs surprises Norris with a break in the Braddock case; Carcetti and Royce hold a post-primary meeting.

Meanwhile, Marlo tries to figure out who's following him; Cutty comes clean at the gym about his extracurricular activities.

original airdate--October 29,2006

network: HBO

music--Opening theme--"Way Down in the Hole" by DoMaJe and Steve Earle

  1. "Lot of Leavin' Left to Do" by Dierks Bentley
  2. "Jail Flick" by Diablo
  3. "You'z a Trick" by Lil' Flip
  4. "Bumpin' My Music" (Featuring Scarface) by Ray Cash
  5. "Dance My Pain Away" by Rod Lee
  6. "The Fall" by Blake Leyh


Epigraph--"Aw yeah. That golden rule. - The Bunk ". - Norman Wilson 

Bunk says this to Omar during their interrogation.


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regional titles

Tot anderen
Unto Others
Aux autres
Zu anderen
unto Eile
agli altri
a los demás