Crime Dog
Episode 5 of 13 within Season One. Item 5 of 13 overall.
Production number 1AHM02.
Krista Vernoff - Writer
Allan Kroeker - Director
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When the Tyler family's Canadian housekeeper Yvette is deported, a cow creamer sends Jaye across the border to retrieve her. Aaron, who accompanies Jaye on her strange mission, is increasingly suspicious of his sister's behaviour, and demands to know why she's conversing with inanimate objects.

original airdate July 23,2004


Theme music-- "I Wonder Why the Wonderfalls" by Andy Partridge


Behind the Scenes:

  • Controversy: The network didn't like this episode and/or thought that it was too confusing and didn't think it should be produced. In order to convince them that the storytelling method wasn't as confusing as they were making it out to be, executive producer Tim Minear wrote a four page "manifesto" to the executives. It isn't said what went into the manifesto, but the producers do explain that this was a very important to Aaron's character arc through out the rest of the season. Eventually they relented and allowed the episode to go into production. They added the "before the arrest" subtitles to help the network understand the episode.
  • Network Notes: The network had a "violent reaction" to the big rewind moment at the end of this episode. The producers planned on using rewinds as a recurring visual motif, but they decided to drop all of the other instances to appease the network.
  • Pocket Dialogue: Tim Minear wrote "pocket dialogue" in Officer Hale's tirade, which was rife with profanity. The producers figured that it would be fine for her to say these terrible things because the audience wouldn't hear the dialogue anyway. But, unfortunately for them, the scene with the audible words were on the dailies and FOX executives went through the roof. They claimed that profane lip-flapping was off-limits, even though no one would know what she was saying.

Goof: The first shot after Jaye turns the wrong way down a one way street clearly shows another car driving the same direction as Jaye.


Jaye Tyler is working at a Niagra Falls gift shop when the animal toys and figurines begin to talk to her, giving her orders to do things. She resists, at first, but their persistance wear her down until she reluctantly gives in and finds that following their often inexplicable commands produce unexpected results that help other people.

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regional titles

Misdaad hond
Crime Dog
Chien de crime
MadraŪ coireachta
Cane di crimine
Perro del crimen