A Day in the Life
Episode 15 of 22 within Season Two. Item 39 of 134 overall.
Production number V0223.
R. J. Stewart - Writer
Michael Hurst - Director
231 votes

All in one day. Xena has to prevent an evil warlord from destroying one village, and on the other hand, Xena has to stop the world's biggest Giant from destroying another village.

original airdate--February 17,1997   rating--7.0 million


music--The theme music "Kaval sviri" by Joseph LoDuca


Antagonist--Gareth, Zagreas

Setting--Laurel, Greece

Chakram Count: 0


Goof--The titles of the chapters are shown in correct Greek language, except the fact that the letters "n" and "y" (or "u") are inverted: in Greek alphabet they resemble respectively a "v" and a "u".

  • When Xena and Gabrielle are in the hot tub, there is a part where Gabrielle turns to face Xena, and when she does the actress stood up to far. You can see her bathing suit when she is supposed to be naked.

Trivia--Almost all scenes are shot with a hand held camera, often held by the director himself, the fellow actor Michael Hurst, who played Iolaus in both "Hercules" and "Xena". This gives the show a taste of a documentary and enhance the sense of intimacy between the heroines, being both Lawless and O'Connor very good friend of Hurst and perfectly at ease with him directing and shooting.

  • Selected by fans to be featured on the "Xena: Warrior Princess: 10th Anniversary Collection", and subsequently considered one of the greatest episodes in "Xena: Warrior Princess" history.
  • Lucy Lawless and Robert Tapert announced their engagement just before putting the episode "A Day in the Life" together. As an inside joke, when Hower asks Gabrielle "Has Xena ever thought of settling down and getting married?"
  • The "new" Xena kills less often than then "old" Xena, but still quite often. In this episode, Xena ties a rope of a kite to Gareth the Giant, who's then struck dead by lightning bolt that hits the kite, just as Xena planned. The "new" Xena's body-count after this episode is 59.
  • This episode contains frequent references to events and characters from previous episodes, most notably "The Giant Killer," as it features Xena avenging the death of Goliath's family.
  • This seems to be the first episode that we actually see Gabrielle in the middle of writing a scroll; "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun."
  • Hower asks Gabrielle if Xena thinks about settling down and getting married. "No," Gabrielle replies with a laugh. "She likes what I do". Is this a hint to their deeper relationship? There are many such hints in this episode.
  • Xena invented the kite, discovered electricity and named the Big Dipper.


"No Slippery Eels were harmed during the production of this motion picture despite their reputation as a fine delicacy in select cultures of the known world."

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regional titles

Een dag in het leven
A Day in the Life
Un jour dans la vie
Ein harter Tag
L i Saol
Xena contro il gigante
Un da cualquiera