My New Coat
Episode 5 of 22 within Season Two : NBC. Item 29 of 200 overall.
Production number S125.
Matt Tarses - Writer
Marc Buckland - Director
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J.D. gets a reality-check when the white lab coat that he is allowed to wear as a resident does not bring the new level of respect he thought it would, and Elliot earns a reputation after her first one-night stand with another doctor.

Meanwhile, Turk tries to fit-in with the surgical "boys club" and finds himself struggling with whether being part of the club is worth the price of admission. Dr. Cox teaches Carla a lesson about surviving in medicine, by enrolling a patient into a clinical trial without approval.

original airdate--October 24,2002            

songs--"Theme Song: "Superman" by Lazlo Bane

  1. "Here Comes My Baby" by Cat Stevens
  2. "A Little Better" by Keren
  3. "Honey" by Mike Lusk

Elliot rips off her shirt and wildly makes out with a Dr. DiStefano.
Dr. Cox uncontrollably pees his pants.
A man singing opera whenever J.D is about to make a mistake.
Janitor story
The Janitor starts wearing a white coat also, that says 'Janitor' on it to confuse patients into either believing they are both doctors, or they are both janitors.

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regional titles

My New Coat
Ma nouvelle blouse
Mein Kittel
Il Mio Nuovo Camice