My Brother, My Keeper
Episode 14 of 22 within Season Two : NBC. Item 38 of 200 overall.
Production number S137.
Eric Weinberg - Writer
Michael Spiller - Director
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Dr. Kelso assigns J.D. (to work on a patient with Dr.Townshend -- his longtime friend and colleague -- but things go downhill when Dr. Townshend insists on using his "old school" treatment method which proves to be an alien concept to an inept J.D. While Kelso defends his friend's technique, Dr. Townshend's lack of current medical knowledge forces Kelso to admit his mistake.

Meanwhile, Carla tells Turk she needs time to consider his proposal because she thinks he is still too immature, promtping Turk to invite his married brother for a visit to show Carla how seriously he is. In addition, Elliot learns the sex of Jordan's baby, but Dr. Cox and his ex-wife can't agree if they want to know.

original airdate--January 23,2003  ratings--14.1 million


songs--"Theme Song: "Superman" by Lazlo Bane

  1. "Gone" by Tart
  2. "My Fault" by Keren
  3. "Bulletproof Glow" by Steve Bertrand
  4. "Ragtime Gal" by The Blanks
  5. "Hello My Baby, by The Blanks
  6. "He's Not Heavy,He's My Brother" by D.L. Hughley
  7. "Me and Bobby McGee" by The Todd



J.D. removes a knife from Dr. Townshend's back.

Janitor story

 Dr. Townshend tells Janitor to be nice to J.D.. He gets a group of people (an early version of the Brain Trust) who are workers in the hospital (Brent from parking, Crazy-Eyes Margo, and Troy), and tells J.D. they will help him. After J.D. tells Dr. Kelso that Dr. Townshend forced him to perform an outdated procedure, Janitor blames J.D. for Dr. Townshend getting fired. In the end, the group flips over J.D.'s car.


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regional titles

My Brother, My Keeper
Mon ami, mon frère, ma trahison
Mein modernes Wissen
Mio Fratello, il Mio Custode