My Butterfly
Episode 16 of 22 within Season Three : NBC. Item 62 of 200 overall.
Production number 312.
Justin Spitzer - Writer
Henry Chan - Director
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In a unique episode, the path of a butterfly is the deciding factor in the fate of the young doctors. At the beginning, a butterfly landing on a woman's breast sets off a chain of events ultimately resulting in the death of J.D. and Turk's patient, leaving them to wonder what they could have done to change the outcome of their day.

Meanwhile, taking a step back in time, the butterfly takes a slightly different path, landing instead on a man's chest setting in motion an alternate chain of events that leads our characters down a very different path. Will this be enough to change the fate of their patients?

original airdate--March 16,2004    ratings--6.6 million


music--"Superman" theme song by Lazlo Bane

  1. "What a Wonderful World" by Joey Ramone


Flashback--Dolls When Dr. Cox asks J.D. if this moment was always how he pictured it, he flashes back to playing with two homemade dolls of himself and Perry, and repeats the same question.

Fantasies--Randall pops out of a patient while Turk is operating.

Janitor story--When the butterfly landed on the woman's breasts Janitor then had to clean up the dropped drinks which meant he didn't have time to help Elliot look for the lost stuffed doggie. When the butterfly landed on the man's chest he was happy to help Elliot look for the stuffed doggie and they eventually find it in time.

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regional titles

My Butterfly
Mon papillon
Mein Schmetterling
La Mia Farfalla