My Best Friend's Wedding (season finale)
Episode 22 of 22 within Season Three : NBC. Item 68 of 200 overall.
Production number 322.
Tim Hobert - Writer
Eric Weinberg - Writer
Bill Lawrence - Director
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The day of the wedding Turk picks up an extra shift at the hospital to get some extra time off for his honeymoon. Inevitably, what should be a very simple procedure turns into a life and death situation when Turk discovers complications with his patient and he gets stuck at the hospital.

Meanwhile, a very stressed out Carla tries to manage the situation at the church while her groom is missing, her brother Mark continues to antagonize her, and her guests are becoming unnerving. After telling Elliot he is not in love with her, JD tries to put together the broken pieces of their friendship by getting Sean back together with Elliot.

original airdate--May 04,2004   ratings--11.1 million


songs--"Theme Song: "Superman" by Lazlo Bane

  1. "Eight Days a Week" by The Butties
  2. 'Beautiful" by Steve Bertrand
  3. "Here Comes the Bride" by The Blanks


Janitor story--The Janitor isn't invited to Carla and Turk's wedding but shows up to the reception, claiming that he works there on weekends. He and his date commence with stealing cutlery (Forks and ladles are where the real money is), dances with Elliot and then helps J.D. carry an unconscious Kelso out to the dumpster.

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regional titles

My Best Friend's Wedding (season finale)
Le mariage de mon meilleur ami
Die Hochzeit meiner besten Freunde
Il Matrimonio del Mio Migliore Amico