My Extra Mile
Episode 15 of 24 within Season Five : NBC. Item 108 of 200 overall.
Production number 515.
Mark Stegemann - Writer
Ken Whittingham - Director
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When Dr. Cox scoffs at reading lines with a patient preparing for a play, J.D. urges Cox and his fellow doctors to do special, unconventional things for their patients, but when J.D. scores a date with a hot babe who loves his hair, he’s not sure he can shave his head for a woman undergoing chemo. Turk and Carla attempt to eliminate all the stress in their lives to better their chances of conceiving, but Turk has to compete for a surgical resident spot and Carla loses Dr. Kelso’s VIP patient.

Meanwhile, Elliot showers new boyfriend Keith with stupid gifts.

original airdate--March 21,2006      ratings--5.8 million


music--"Superman" theme song by Lazlo Bane

  1. "Episodes" by Pela
  2. "Someone" by Tammany Hall NYC



  • Ultimatum Carla gives Turk an ultimatum: If she doesn't get pregnant after their next sex session, then no sex until Turk steals a baby for her.
  • Monster truck J.D. goes the extra mile by trying to park a patient's monster truck.
  • Hair J.D.'s girlfriend says that she wouldn't be with him if it wasn't for his hair and she can't think of anything else attractive about him.

Goofs: When Dr Cox is talking to JD in the cafeteria, there is a clock on a pillar behind him. When he first sits down, it reads 3:37 and when he stands up to leave (approx. 1 minute later) the hands have not moved.

  • The title of the comic book that Turk obtains for his patient is called "Vengeance." However, the title is misspelled "Vengance" on the cover.
  • When Dr Kelso and Dr Wen are addressing the 10 resident surgeons we see the two of them from behind the ten with Turk and Todd in the front and a tall black male and shorter white male surgeons are standing almost directly behind them-just a little to each's outside. When the shot returns to view the surgeons as a group from the front, the tall black doctor is in the front to Todd's left and the shorter white surgeon is between Todd and Turk, though still behind them. Not enough time elapsed for them to move to these new positions.


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regional titles

My Extra Mile
Mon Petit Plus
Meine wundersch÷nen Haare
Il Mio Miglio in Pi¨