To Be or Not to Be (II)
Episode 2 of 24 within Season One. Item 2 of 66 overall.
Production number 102.
Rockne S. O'Bannon - Writer
Tommy Thompson - Writer
Irvin Kershner - Director
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Former Navy captain and designer of the seaQuest pays a visit, and is tricked into taking command by his old friend, Admiral William Noyce, when a colony is attacked by the seaQuest's first captain, and a former student of Bridger's, Marilyn Stark. Stark is after revenge, and has planted a virus in seaQuest's mainframe, which shuts systems down one by one.

The episode introduces us to the conflict between the science and military aspects of their mission, as represented by Commander Ford and Dr. Westphalen in the beginning, as well as civilian techno-wiz, Lucas Wolenczek. After defeating Stark by sending Darwin out to attach a bomb to her sub manually, Bridger accepts permanent command of the seaQuest. Stark's body is never found, and she is presumed to have escaped the destruction of her sub.

original airdate-September 19,1993   rating--17.8 


music--Seaquest theme song by John Debney

  1. Main Title by John Debney
  2. Preparing for Battle by John Debney
  3. Bridger's Dream by John Debney
  4. Uncharted Water's by John Debney
  5. First Engagement by John Debney
  6. Darwin Speaks by John Debney
  7. Dangerous Adversary by John Debney
  8. To Adventures Bold by John Debney



"The 21st Century...Mankind has colonized the last unexplored region on Earth...The Oceans.

As Captain of the SeaQuest and her crew, we are it's guardians...For beneath the surface ...Lies the Future."

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regional titles

Om te zijn of niet te zijn (II)
To Be or Not to Be (II)
Ętre ou ne pas ętre (II)
Sein oder Nichtsein (II)
Le Bheith nó Gan Bheith (II)
Essere o non essere (II)
Ser o no ser (II)