In the Company of Ice and Profit
Episode 2 of 20 within Season Three. Item 48 of 66 overall.
Production number k0404.
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As the crew chafes against the hard-as-nails attitude of Captain Hudson, Larry Deon of Deon International plots to send an iceberg the size of New England towards Saudi Arabia, which, when melted, would flood the Saudi desert, increasing the demand for his water purification technologies.

To prevent Hudson from destroying the iceberg, Deon plants Macronesian refugees on its surface, led by a former member of seaQuest`s crew: Lieutenant Benjamin Krieg.

original airdate--September 27,1995    rating--5.9 


music-- theme song by Russ Landau



"The 21st Century...Mankind has colonized the last unexplored region on Earth...The Oceans.

As Captain of the SeaQuest and her crew, we are it's guardians...For beneath the surface ...Lies the Future."

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regional titles

In het gezelschap van IJs en Profit
In the Company of Ice and Profit
Dans la société de la glace et le profit
In der Gesellschaft von Eis und Profit
I an Chuideachta de Ice agus Brabús
In compagnia del Ghiaccio e del profitto
En compañía de Hielo y Beneficio