The Freak Show
Episode 3 of 18 within Season Two. Item 15 of 97 overall.
Production number 203.
Jenny Bicks - Writer
Allen Coulter - Director
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Carrie turns freakish herself after dating a string of freaky guys. Mirandadates "Manhattan Guy", a guy who hasn't left Manhattan in 10 years.

Meanwhile, Charlotte dates "Mr. Pussy" and tries to make a real relationship out of it.Samantha decides to get plastic surgery.

original airdate--June 20,1999


music--"Sex And The City Theme" by Groove Armada



Trivia: Even though Carrie declares that she and Miranda have used the code phrase "I need to feed my cat," to indicate that Miranda wishes to bail on a double date, it's the only time it is heard in the series.


  • The book Carrie buys and is seen reading in this episode is 'Freaks, Geeks and Strange Girls: Sideshow Banners of the Great American Midway'.




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regional titles

De freakshow
The Freak Show
Le Freak Show
Die Freak-Show
An Taispeáin Freak
Il Freak Show
La demostración del monstruo