Walk Like a Man
Episode 17 of 21 within Season Six. Item 82 of 86 overall.
Terence Winter - Writer
Terence Winter - Director
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As A.J. struggles with depression over his break up with Blanca, the feud between Christopher and Paulie grows, with Kelli's dad as an unintentional catalyst.

original airdate--May 6,2006         raing--7.16 million


music--Theme song--"Woke Up The Morning" by Alabama 3

  1. Lady T by Crazy P
  2. Emma by Hot Chocolate
  3. White Flag by Dido
  4. Walk On By by El Michels Affair
  5. Body Burn (D-Code Club Mix) by Cubanate
  6. Supermassive Black Hole by Muse
  7. Y.U.H.2.B.M.2 by Whitey
  8. Salt Shaker (feat. Lil Jon And The Eastside Boyz) by Ying Yang Twins
  9. Mood Indigo by Keely Smith
  10. Hand On the Pump (Muggs' Blunted Mix) by Cypress Hil
  11. Tom Sawyer by Rush
  12. The Valley by Los Lobos
  13. Comfortably Numb by James Gandolfini


Deceased: J.T. Dolan: shot dead in the head by Christopher Moltisanti, apparently for angering him at a very wrong time.

Title reference: The episode's title refers to the song "Walk Like a Man" by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, which is about a father telling his son to get over a woman who left him. Tony tries to pull A.J. out of his depression over breaking up with Blanca throughout the episode. Frankie Valli himself formerly had a role in the series as New York capo Rusty Millio, and an earlier episode ("Big Girls Don't Cry") was also named after a Valli song.

  • The title could refer to the act of trying to embolden someone to be "a man," to toughen him up, as done in this episode by Tony urging A.J. to get over Blanca and by Tony, Paulie and J.T. Dolan all telling Christopher to overcome his weaknesses, comments he deeply resents and which ultimately even get J.T. killed.

Trivia: This is the only episode in the series directed by veteran writer/producer/some-time actor Terence Winter. It's also the only TV episode Winter has ever directed though almost 20 years in the industry, during which he wrote or co-wrote 25 of the 86 "Sopranos" episodes, winning four EMMYs in the process.


  • The second episode in the series whose title is a tribute to the sound and aura of the real-life "Jersey Boys" group The Four Seasons. The first, in Season 2, Episode 5, was "Big Girls Don't Cry".



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