Episode 8 of 13 within Season Two. Item 21 of 90 overall.
Production number 208.
Bruce Miller - Writer
Tim Matheson - Director
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Allison wants to hire Zane Donovan, a brilliant young particle physicist, to help Stark and Henry research the universe's earliest moments using a Chaotic Inflation Device that can, essentially, re-create the Big Bang. Zane, however, has just been arrested for stealing 3.1 million dollars from the government. As a result, Allison orders Jack to keep Zane in custody until he proves that he can be trusted.

Jack locks up Zane and, at Lupo's suggestion, fits him with a high-tech tracking bracelet that can also deliver mild electrical shocks and activate a restraining field if the prisoner tries to escape. In response, Zane cheerfully makes mischief. He grosses Jack out about Vincent's grilled chicken, flirts with Lupo and hacks the sheriff's office computer from within his jail cell. He pauses in his antics only when, on a trip to Global Dynamics, he's awed by the Chaotic Inflation Device.

original airdate--August 28,2007


songs--Theme song--"Eureka On My Mind" by Bear McCreary

  1. "Little Big Bang" by Bear McCreary
  2. "Everyone's Dumb" by Bear McCreary
  3. "Zane on the Lam" by Bear McCreary



Welcome to Eureka, a seemingly normal small town somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. But you won't find it on any maps outside of the Pentagon. And if you're here you must be a genius. Because everyone else in town is.

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