Fun and Games
Episode 27 of 32 within Season One. Item 27 of 49 overall.
Production number 28.
Robert Specht - Story
Robert Specht - Teleplay
Joseph Stefano - Teleplay
Gerd Oswald - Director
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Two Earth people are transported to an alien planet, along with two aliens. They are told by their abductors that they will fight each other to the death.

The stakes are high: the homeworld of the losers will be destroyed slowly, for the further amusement of their captors.

original airdate--March 30,1964


music: theme song "Outer Limits" composed by Dominic Frontiere




[opening narration]--"There was a moment in time when those who were brilliant and powerful also were playful, and when they took recess from their exhausting and magnificent strides toward glory, they replenished their darker passions with fun and games. On the planet Earth, such games have been civilized, and drained of all but their last few drops of blood..."

[closing narration]--This episode does not have a closing narrative by the Control Voice.

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regional titles

Spel en pret
Fun and Games
Jeux et divertissement
Spiel und Spaß
Spraoi agus Cluichí
Divertimento e giochi
Diversión y juegos