Episode 2 of 12 within Season One. Item 2 of 100 overall.
Production number 102.
Clyde Phillips - Writer
Michael Cuesta - Director
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Dexter is stalking his next victim, a drunk driver about to be acquitted for the murder of a teenage boy. But when a fellow cop is found murdered, Dexter has to put that on hold to help Homicide Detectives Batista and Doakes investigate a crime boss suspected of the murder. It gets even more personal when the crime boss also orders a hit on the wife of the murdered cop. 

Meanwhile, the hooker-hunting Ice Truck Killer strikes again and leaves a macabre piece of evidence that Debra finds, gaining her the transfer she wanted out of Vice and into Homicide.

original airdate--October 8,2006

music--Theme song--Dexter Main Title by Rolfe Kent

  1. "Estoy Hecho Tierra" by Eliades Ochoa
  2. "Cuatro Amigos" by Edward M. Smith & Sandra L. Smith
  3. "Mandinga" by Rubén González
  4. "El Que Siembra Su Maiz" by Trio Matamoros
  5. "Sin Razón Ni Justicia" by Benny Moré

Kills     name      reason for being targeted     kills

Matt Chambers- Murdered multiple people in hit and runs-- Dexter killed him by Stabbed in the chest #(2)

Goofs: The foot isn't cut off between the tarsus and metatarsus as said by Dexter.

  • When Dexter peeks through his window a powerful stage light is visible illuminating the apartment is if it were sunlight.
  • When Dexter's browsing the reports about Matt Chambers' past DUI infringements, the last page shows the title of an article in South Boston Daily claiming "Matt Rasmussen of South Boston Arrested" though the rest of the article is about Matt Brewster - a name used in Albuquerque. The article is identical to the previous one in Albuquerque Times Standard except for the first couple of words.
  • When Angel and Dexter are showing the DNA evidence to Laguerta and Doakes, the laptop screen shows that the DNA came from "Jimmy Sanders" and "Residence: Jimmy Sanders", even though the two samples came from Ricky Simmons and the residence of Ricky Simmons. There is no one named Jimmy Sanders anywhere else in the episode.


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