Let's Give the Boy a Hand
Episode 4 of 12 within Season One. Item 4 of 100 overall.
Production number 104.
Drew Z. Greenberg - Writer
Robert Lieberman - Director
66 votes

Dexter's past comes to life when body parts begin appearing throughout Miami, gifts from the Ice Truck Killer. The horrific tableaus created in places of Dexter's childhood memories start to make Dexter question his own past and his reasons for controlling his dark urges.

Meanwhile, LaGuerta's hunt for Tony Tucci has to go in a different direction when new information comes to light about Tucci and his connection to the Ice Truck Killer. Doakes, the lead investigator of the Ice Truck Killer case, becomes afraid for his life when a crime boss puts his thugs on the trail of Doakes, 'innocently' following him wherever he goes.

original airdate--October 22,2006

music--Theme song--Dexter Main Title by Rolfe Kent

  1. "Boogaloo Salvaje" by Kenny Quintero y Su Orquesta Brava
  2. "Mamboye" by Kenny Quintero y Su Orquesta Brava

Goofs: The cooler used to hold the camera on the beach when Harry is taking a picture of the family was a Coleman 5 Day, which weren't available at the time.

  • When Rita's kids get out of Dexter's car, a mic pack is visible on the daughter, and again when they're standing at the door.
  • Just after Rita finishes doing whatever she did for Dexter; and just as he finishes saying the word "unexpected" a half a ring of a telephone is heard.
  • At the third crime scene the killer leaves the lower leg (knee to ankle) of Tucci. However, when Dexter finds Tucci in the hospital basement his lower leg is clearly attached and bandaged.
  • When Dexter is looking at photos of his past, and turns over the picture of himself and Harry outside the "Angel of Mercy Hospital" to reveal the smiley face left by the Ice Truck Killer, the photo was printed on HP photo paper, i.e. it is a digital print. However, it is entirely possible that the photo Dexter is holding is a copy of the original photo which makes it plausible that the HP paper would be used.


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regional titles

Laten we de jongen een hand
Let's Give the Boy a Hand
Donnons un coup de main du garçon
Geben wir dem Jungen eine Hand
A ligean ar Tabhair an buachaill ar Láimh
Diamo una mano al ragazzo
Vamos a darle al muchacho una mano