Return to Sender
Episode 6 of 12 within Season One. Item 6 of 100 overall.
Production number S1E06.
Tim Schlattmann - Writer
Tony Goldwyn - Director
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Dexter arrives at a crime scene to find one of his victims he has disposed of has mysteriously returned to the scene of the kill. Dexter figures that it's the Ice Truck Killer, letting him know that he knows what Dexter is up to. The noose is tightened further, when LaGuerta finds a young Cuban boy hiding at the crime scene — there's no way he missed seeing Dexter capture the victim. Dexter has to figure out a plan to stay out of the crosshairs of his own Homicide Division while investigating his own crime. 

Meanwhile, Rita has to deal with her abusive ex-husband, Paul, when he's released from jail and wants to come to their daughter's birthday party.

original airdate--November 5,2006        

music--Theme song--Dexter Main Title by Rolfe Kent


Goofs: The Cuban boy Laguerta hugs near the old Mercedes is looking at the panning camera from under her shoulder.

  • The birthday party sign which Rita makes for her daughter reads "Happy Birtday" (missing the "h").
  • For children's protective services to so quickly place the Cuban refugee boy with his just-located uncle. Normally, CPS would require foster certification, even of a family member, and while it could expedite this process, it wouldn't occur as quickly as depicted in the episode.
  • When the police are sent back to the scrap yard to look for more evidence, the hubcap is where it was originally, although prior to that (when Dexter got in the trunk to see what the kid would have seen), Dexter kicked the hubcap away from its original location.
  • The nipples of the dead woman in the trailer are erect; this would not be the case if she was dead.


Trivia: Dexter used the alias Patrick Bateman with the DEA for acquiring his sedatives. Patrick Bateman is the main character of the movie: American Psycho.

  • Dexter's fake DEA license to obtain the M-99 Ethorpine Hydrochloride animal tranquilizer is registered to: Bateman, Patrick M.D. 2203 Blanchard Ave, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301 State License #: F334156 CDS#: E-669-BL-66 DEA#: AB664955-6613-1106 Patrick Bateman is the main character in American Psycho - and as Dexter, also a serial killer.
  • Dexter uses the alias of "Dr. Patrick Bateman" to buy narcotics, which is a reference to Patrick Bateman, a character similar to Dexter which appears in the novel American Psycho (which was also adapted to film).


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regional titles

Return to Sender
Return to Sender
Retour à l'expéditeur
Return to Sender
Fill ar ais go Sender
Return to Sender
Return to Sender