Circle of Friends
Episode 7 of 12 within Season One. Item 7 of 100 overall.
Production number 107.
Daniel Cerone - Writer
Steve Shill - Director
66 votes

Debra and Batista find proof that Neil Perry is the Ice Truck Killer when they find a body beneath Neil's trailer home. A manhunt ensues to find and capture Neil before he kills again. As more and more evidence rises to the surface, Dexter is left adrift. Neil Perry, the supposed Ice Truck Killer, doesn't live up to his expectations.

Meanwhile, Dexter has to deal with his past when a teenager he caught and released murders again. As a result, Dexter sets out to correct this mistake in one of the only ways he knows how. Rita's family life is torn asunder as her paroled ex-husband, Paul, reasserts himself as the father of her children. Paul even confronts Dexter, letting him know that he doesn't like Dexter being around his wife and kids. Rita wishes that Paul would go away forever, something that is definitely possible when your boyfriend happens to be Dexter.

original airdate--November 12,2006

network: Showtime

music--Theme song by Rolfe Kent

  1. "Perfidia" by Mambo All Stars


Goofs: In the scene where the dead high school yearbook editor is found, you can clearly see his neck pulse beating and his chest breathing.

Trivia: While searching for Neil Perry (Ice Truck Killer suspect), Debra and Angel catch him in room 20 of the Pink Motel. In the first episode of Season 8 while Dexter is searching for Debra, he finds her in room 6 of the Pink Motel.


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regional titles

Circle of Friends
Circle of Friends
Cercle des Amis
Circle of Friends
Ciorcal na gCarad
Circle of Friends
Círculo de Amigos