Storming the Castle
Episode 9 of 22 within Season One. Item 9 of 69 overall.
Production number 1AJD08.
Brad Copeland - Writer
Greg Mottola - Director
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Michael cannot go through with his plan to break up Gob and Marta. A thug magician wants to take Gob's "legs". Maeby wears all leather to get back at her mother, and Lucille decides to confront Buster's relationship with Lucille 2.

original airdate--January 4,2004           rating--5.72 million


music:Theme song--"Taking Chances" by Celine Dion 

  1. "The Final Countdown" by Europe


Goofs--Although Maeby tells George Michael that his legs look just like her just-shaved legs, in a close-up, it is clear that George Michael's legs are not hairless.


Milestones: The first trip to the Gothic Castle (inspired by the actual Magic Castle in Los Angeles), and Gob's first use of "The Final Countdown" as his stage music. George Sr. converts to Judaism after the Star of David appears to him in solitary confinement.

Huge mistakes: Michael tries to prove he's not just Mr. Nice Guy by taking things from work (a chair, and eventually a TV). As George Michael points out: "Isn't that why Grandpa's in jail? Cause he took things from work?"

Most sexual tension: Buster is finally settling into his relationship with Lucille 2, before Lucille gets in the way ("She changed him as a baby!").

Allusions to Tobias being gay: In his ongoing quest to prove he's a "cool dad," Tobias picks up on the leather Maeby is wearing to rebel against Lindsay's current animal rights craze. He goes leather shopping ("I'm looking for something that says, 'Dad likes leather!'") and later -- due to a miscommunication with a taxi driver -- winds up at a gay bar that kinda sounds like the Gothic Castle... only not.

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regional titles

Stormend van het Kasteel
Storming the Castle
Prendre d'assaut le Ch‚teau
StŁrmen der Burg
Storming an ChaisleŠin
Infuriare il Castello
Asaltar el Castillo