Pier Pressure
Episode 10 of 22 within Season One. Item 10 of 69 overall.
Production number 1AJD09.
Mitchell Hurwitz - Writer
Jim Vallely - Writer
Joe Russo - Director
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Buster realizes that medical marijuana will help cure Lucille 2's vertigo, and pays George Michael to get it for him from Gob. Lindsay sends Maeby to spend a day with Lucille to punish her for bad grades. Michael thinks George Michael is on drugs and attempts to teach him a lesson.

original airdate--January 11,2004   rating--7.21 million


music:Theme song--"Taking Chances" by Celine Dion 

  1. "Big Yellow Joint" by Jimmy Jane
  2. "Cherry Pie" by Warrant 


Goof--Throughout Gob and Michael's conversation in the kitchen, the sandwich on the counter keeps changing position without being touched.

Bluth Company status: Lucille asks Michael to doctor all the receipts of her valuables, but he declines, so she asks Lindsay instead. Lindsay ends up using that task as a punishment for her daughter, which leads to Maeby and Lucille spending quality time together. We're honestly not sure what happened with the receipts, but at least Maeby was reminded why she has a great terrible mother.

Milestones: "Pier Pressure" marks the first appearance of J. Walter Weatherman, and also the fact that the song "Big Yellow Joint" was written about the marijuana trade around the Bluth banana stand. We like it's rock 'n roll version best.

Huge mistakes: George Sr. decides the fact that he taught his children lessons with J. Walter Weatherman is a mistake, but then decides to use his former employee once more to teach his adult son Michael not to teach his son George Michael lessons. Confused? You should be.

Most sexual tension: George Michael admits he has a crush on Maeby to his father, but Michael thinks it's just a joke. "Now you taught me a lesson!" Michael responds. If only.

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regional titles

Aanlegsteiger Druk
Pier Pressure
Pression de quai
brú na Céibhe
Pressione di banchina
Presión de muelle