Thief of Budapest
Episode 3 of 22 within Season One. Item 3 of 141 overall.
Production number 40191-004.
Stephen Downing - Writer
Terry Nation - Writer
Joe Viola - Writer
Lee H. Katzin - Director
John Patterson - Director
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Opening gambit - Pegasus: MacGyver retrieves a stolen horse and gets picked up - literally - by a chopper.

MacGyver travels to Budapest to meet with a Russian double agent who is in possession of a watch containing information about other Russian spies. Before MacGyver can take the watch, however, the agent is killed and the watch is stolen. Now MacGyver must work with the Gypsies to get it back.

original airdate--October 13,1985 rating--13.0 

network: abc

music--MacGyver Theme song by Randy Edelman



  1. Light bulbs between 2 boards faked tire blow-out
  2. Salt, sugar, weed killer makes explosive.
  3. Undid steering wheel & snapped off key of tractor so it couldn't be stopped
  4. Tied razer wire to back of troctor to stop guards
  5. Unknown powder thrown in air ignites with match for distraction.
  6. Magnifying glass using hairpin & white wine
  7. Messed up traffic signal with slices of credit card
  8. Taped radio to police walkie talkie to mess up communications
  9. stuck above radio on bunch of helium balloons to get it higher up


"Oh I've heard about you! You're the guy who does the whatchamacallits, you know, MacGyverisms; turns one thing into another?"

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regional titles

Dief van Boedapest
Thief of Budapest
La voleuse de Budapest
Die Diebin von Budapest
Thief de Búdaipeist
La zingara di Budapest
Ladrón de Budapest