Last Stand
Episode 7 of 22 within Season One. Item 7 of 141 overall.
Production number 40191-006.
Judy Burns - Writer
John Florea - Director
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When MacGyver is on his way to a vacation, he takes the wrong way, and ends up at a small airstrip where everybody seems to be behaving strangely. Too late, he discovers that the airstrip has been taken hostage, and he has been caught in the middle of a plane hijacking attempt.

original airdate--November 17,1985   rating--15.8/22 share

network: abc

music--MacGyver Theme song by Randy Edelman



  1. In order to open a locked security van, MacGyver creates a thermite torch using magnesium filed from a racing cycle frame and iron rust held in a long metal tube and lit with a roadside signal flare.
  2. MacGyver makes several small bombs using fertilizer, starter fluid, foam padding, and newspaper.
  3. To open the door of a walk-in freezer, MacGyver fills the lock with water (ice melted from a light bulb) and allows it to re-freeze in the lock. The expansion of the ice forces the lock open.
  4. Used end of meat hook as a screwdriver
  5. Used bike bars, rust and flare to make a Thirmite torch to burn through armoured door
  6. Created a diversion with model airplane



"Oh I've heard about you! You're the guy who does the whatchamacallits, you know, MacGyverisms; turns one thing into another?"

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regional titles

Last Stand
Last Stand
Voie sans issue
Kleine Fische, große Fische
Seastán Last
Il giudizio finale
Last Stand