Justice Is Blind (II)
Episode 17 of 22 within Season One. Item 17 of 69 overall.
Production number 1AJD17.
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Gob steals a file on the government's case against the Bluth Company that Maggie had given to Michael. Tobias is sent to Maggie's house to get evidence, George Michael tries to prove Maeby's fraud, and Lindsay fights to remove the Ten Commandments from the courthouse lawn.

original airdate--March 21,2004      rating--7.02 million


music:Theme song--"Taking Chances" by Celine Dion 


Bluth Company status: George Sr. is still on trial, and Michael finds himself with a surprising in when he realizes his one night stand Maggie Lizer is the blind prosecutor on his father's case. As it turns out, Maggie is faking the fact that she is blind and ends up being removed from the trial by the end of the episode.

Memorable line: From the veterinarian to Michael: "Mr. Bluth, Justice is blind."

Recurring jokes worth remembering: Michael tells Maggie that his fake name is Chareth, a name that is later used for Andy Richter's character's twin brothers. Maggie Lizer has a Cornballer in her home.

Most sexual tension: Michael and Maggie can't seem to get enough of one another, even after they realize they've been lying to one another for the entirety of their relationship.

Allusions to Tobias being gay: In talking about his adolescence, Tobias says, "I was like a cat, I always ended up on all fours... like a cat."

Best narrator commentary: "What started as a night of passion with no strings attached got complicated the next morning when Michael found out she was blind. He decided to keep seeing her so as not to appear superficial."


Goof--Just after Maggie and Michael leave the courtroom, she calls Justice. As the dog walks into the door, you can see the shadow of the dog's trainer call her to that spot just underneath the doorway.

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regional titles

Gerechtigheid Is Blind (II)
Justice Is Blind (II)
La justice Est Aveugle (II)
Gerechtigkeit Ist Blind (II)
Dlí agus Cirt An bhfuil Dall (II)
La giustizia č Cieca (II)
La justicia Es Ciega (II)