Switch Hitter
Episode 7 of 18 within Season Two. Item 29 of 69 overall.
Production number 2AJD07.
Courtney Lilly - Story
Barbie Feldman Adler - Teleplay
Paul Feig - Director
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The Bluth's rival development company hires Gob, who finds the company president a father figure, in preparation for the Bluth-Sitwell softball game; Lindsay hallucinates from taking anti-depressants.

original airdate--January 16,2005      rating--5.78 million


music:Theme song--"Taking Chances" by Celine Dion

  1. "Downtown" by Lucille Bluth (Jessica Walter)



  1. In the meeting between G.O.B., Michael, and Sitwell at the model home, there is a bowl of candy beans on the coffee table. Later, when Sitwell and G.O.B. are having a discussion while Michael is in the attic with George, the candy beans are gone.
  2. In the softball game flashbacks, G.O.B. is seen using the same black glove that Sitwell had given him before the upcoming game. (This could of course be explained as being a different black glove, but as anyone who has played ball will tell you, black gloves are rare.)

Bluth Company status: After losing the softball game but gaining the courage to stand up to his father, Michael becomes the Bluth Company president again. Whether or not he has good ideas remains to be seen.

Recurring jokes worth remembering: Maeby's first "marry me" joke hits when a film exec asks her if she's 15. Michael remains disdainful of George Michael's girlfriend, Ann, and we get our introduction to the philanthropic Alopecia sufferer, Stan Sitwell (Ed Begley, Jr.).

Huge mistakes: Maeby makes her father a guard at the studio, giving him the opportunity to harass Andy Richter on a regular basis. Buster gives the Sergeant a great massage... and the General decides to bring Buster out in the battlefield with him so as not to miss out. 

Most sexual tension: It appeared that Lucille and the Sergeant would have a moment when he asked her to go "downtown" to save Buster from being deployed... but then she burst into song. Turns out he's not much of a creep, just a big Petula Clark fan.

Best narrator commentary: "Gob was both angry and overwhelmed by the approval from this new father figure. It was confusing."


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regional titles

Schakel Slagman
Switch Hitter
Changer le Batteur
Schalten Sie Schläger
Athraigh hitter
Commutare il Battitore
Cambie a Bateador