Spring Breakout
Episode 17 of 18 within Season Two. Item 39 of 69 overall.
Production number 2AJD16.
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The company has a meeting with Cal Cullen, who comments that the Bluths "did not come off well on last night's Scandalmakers." (Clips from Scandalmakers are then shown, including Tobias, as George Sr., giving away his hiding place.)

Michael says that they are "scandal-free," at which point Lucille walks in drunk, having taken Buster's pain medication for a hangover, misreading an alcohol warning as an alcohol suggestion. Cullen refuses to do business with the Bluths, saying that he "couldn't afford to end up on Scandalmakers." Lucille passes out in her chair, and Michael ends the meeting.

original airdate--April 10,2005        rating--5.19 million


music:Theme song--"Taking Chances" by Celine Dion



  1. In the episode, it is stated that Sugarfoot ended twelve years before Michael was born. It actually aired from 1957 to 1961, making its end six years before Michael was born. This might have been a jab at 'shoddy narration' a recurring theme on the episode.
  2. The cooler from the banana stand containing George Sr.'s "specimen" would have been destroyed when the banana stand burned down in Top Banana.
  3. The narrator mentions that the box of wine was the first taste of alcohol that Buster has had since he was nursing, but he appears to be intoxicated in the flashback of the intervention. Also, on an earlier episode it was stated that Rosa (Lucille's housekeeper) breastfed Buster.

Company status: Thanks to Lucille's intoxicated entrance (and later Kitty's flashing/threats), the Bluth Company fails to get funding from Cal Cullen. This isn't good.

Milestones: We get to see Lucille's first chicken dance.

Huge mistakes: In addition to the repeated abuse of alcohol by several people, George Sr. laments, "Never promise Crazy a baby."

Most sexual tension: George Michael makes several slips that reference his love for Maeby while they work together in the banana stand.Allusions to Tobias being gay: When filming "Men with Low Self Esteem," Tobias says, "Come on! Let's see some bananas and nuts! Oh, perhaps we should just pull their pants off."

Best narrator commentary:"It was the first taste of alcohol Buster had had since nursing."

"Due to poor acting, the burden of the story was placed on the narrator ... He was actually found in a hole near the house, but this inattention to detail was typical of the laziness the show's narrator was known for ... Real shoddy narrating. Just pure cr*p."

"But this perplexed the 'Scandalmakers' audience, due to the unfocused nature of the narrator's explanation."

"Notice it wasn't something the narrator said."


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Lente Breakout
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Printemps Breakout
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