A Prisoner of Conscience
Episode 21 of 22 within Season One. Item 21 of 141 overall.
Production number 40191-021.
Stephen Kandel - Writer
Cliff Bole - Director
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Pete Thornton investigates the supposed death of an old friend, a prominent Russian dissident, and finds he must get his friend's daughter Maria out of the country before the secret police arrest her for an alleged conspiracy.

However, while in Russia, Pete bumps into MacGyver, who followed him from the United States. While disappointed MacGyver followed him, Pete gladly welcomes MacGyver into his plans when the secret police arrive to take Maria into custody. Following a high speed boat chase to escape the police, Pete and MacGyver find out from Maria that her father is not dead, he is being held in a maximum security ward at a state mental institution. To get into the mental hospital, MacGyver plays the part of a mad patient and Pete plays the part of a doctor who has been assigned to him. With the help of the other patients, MacGyver is able to escape into Ward Zero, where Pete's friend is held. MacGyver breaks him out and hides him with the other patients.

original airdate--April 30,1986    rating--13.3 million

network: abc

music--MacGyver Theme song by Randy Edelman



  1. Blanket, gas, rope, life jacket jammed boat gears
  2. Hanging bucket with mop slid through simulated "mopping"
  3. Caulk & "hardening agent" = superglue trap
Goofs--Obvious stunt doubles during the boat chase scene.
When the mans hand is glued to the bucket and mop handle, he runs over to the alarm button and the alarm sounds when he clearly doesn't touch the button.



"Oh I've heard about you! You're the guy who does the whatchamacallits, you know, MacGyverisms; turns one thing into another?"

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regional titles

A Prisoner of Conscience
Affaire de conscience
Prigioniero di coscienza