The Assassin (season finale)
Episode 22 of 22 within Season One. Item 22 of 141 overall.
Production number 40191-022.
James Schmerer - Writer
Charles Correll - Director
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Posing as a watchmaker who manufactures bomb timers, MacGyver manages to catch a master killer - Piedra - before he attempts an assassination on a high-profile target.

However, Piedra, a master of MacGyver-style improvised assassination isn't about to be stopped for long.

original airdate--May 07,1986  rating--13.6/24 share

network: abc

music--MacGyver Theme song by Randy Edelman



  1. MacGyver escapes a pursuing car by placing a length of wood in front of a row of tire spikes. This allows MacGyver to drive over them. He then removes the wood. When the pursuing car attempts to follow him, they drive onto the spikes, deflating their tires.
  2. MacGyver uses explosive toothpaste (left in the room by an assassin) to scare a girl who was pointing a gun at him. He was able to take the gun away from her and then explain that he is not the person she thought he was (that is, the assassin).
  3. In an interesting reversal, Piedra (an international assassin whom MacGyver is impersonating to stop the murder of a local archbishop) removes two pieces of thin copper wiring hidden in his fake mustache while in his cell, and picks the lock on his handcuffs, removing them. He further removes a needle hidden underneath a fake scar on his right abdomen, plunges the blunt end into a pea on his food tray, and rolls a tube from his paper cup he's torn apart. He then places the makeshift dart into the tube, (now clearly a crude blowgun), makes a ruckus to call one of the DXS agents to his cell and darts the guard, rendering him incapacitated. (It's assumed the needle is tipped with curare, a South American-derived poison discussed earlier, after being found in a pen gun on Piedra upon his initial capture.)
  4. MacGyver is holding a phone but the man holding him at gunpoint wont let him make the call to clear him of being the assassin. The man with the gun tells him to put the phone down and he puts it down on a ruler (part of which is hanging off the end of the table). He then slaps the ruler and the man with the gun catches the flying phone while tossing the gun up for MacGyver to grasp (it happens really fast).
  5. Mac, in pursuit of Piedra through a local church, is knocked to the ground with a spin kick by Piedra on a patio outside. Piedra attempts to flee past him back inside, and Mac pulls a garden hose laying across the path taut, causing Piedra to trip and fall on top of one of the lethal darts he fired and missed Mac with only moments before.


"Oh I've heard about you! You're the guy who does the whatchamacallits, you know, MacGyverisms; turns one thing into another?"

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regional titles

De moordenaar (seizoensfinale)
The Assassin (season finale)
L'Assassin (finale de la saison)
Der Attentäter (Saisonfinale)
An Assassin (séasúr finale)
L'assassino (finale di stagione)
El asesino (final de temporada)