Points (series finale)
Episode 10 of 10 within Season One. Item 10 of 10 overall.
Production number S01E10.
Stephen Ambrose - Story
Erik Bork - Teleplay
Erik Jendresen - Teleplay
Mikael Salomon - Director
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Easy enters Berchtesgaden, to capture the "Eagle's Nest", a mountain mansion that was built by the Nazi party for Hitler. After going to the mansion and taking many of Hitler's belongings, the men are given some down time.

Meanwhile, with Hitler having commited suicide the war in Europe is over. The men of Easy celebrate, but soon they are told that all of the members without enough points to go home will be sent Japan.

original airdate-- November 4,2001


music--Band of Brothers Main Theme composed by Michael Kamen feat: London Metropolitan Orchestra

Main focus--Richard Winters


Goofs: During the baseball game Buck Compton is wearing a modern catcher's glove during long shots, but a more appropriate period glove for close-ups.

  • When hunting for food in the woods, the distance between Bull Randleman's hands on his rifle varies between shots.
  • When Easy Company first enters Berchtesgarden, the first shot showing the white flags, on the left, in a window, you can see someone with a handycam/miniDV shooting the actual film crew and cast.
  • When the drunk soldier raises and fires his gun at Sgt. Grant he is clearly aiming far to the (screen)-right of Sgt. Grant and could not have hit Grant in the head as depicted. This was probably done to minimize any risk to the actor as even a blank round can propel an object fast enough to cause serious or even fatal wounds.
  • The 101st/Easy Company was not the first to enter the Nazi town of Berchtesgaden and Hitler's Eagle's Nest. They mentioned that they were attempting to beat the French there, and it is implied that they did. In fact, it was the 7th Infantry Regiment, the Cottonbalers, operating as part of the 3rd Infantry Division for the USA for WWII in North Africa who arrived in Berchtesgaden first. They got there on May 4th, 1945 at 1558 (3:58pm). They took a few things from the Eagle's Nest and several thousand bottles of liquor and wine, but they focused on small things within the town to take with them more than on the Eagle's Nest, and they never made a stake on the town and the Eagle's Nest that they were ever there.


"If you do not carry your own cross and follow me, you cannot be my disciple. But don’t begin until you count the cost ... You cannot become my disciple without giving up everything you own."” (Luke 14: 27,33) ... "Take the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God." (Eph. 6:17)

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Points (series finale)