Soft Touch
Episode 13 of 22 within Season Two. Item 35 of 141 overall.
Production number 035.
Joan Brooker - Writer
Nancy Eddo - Writer
Charles Correll - Director
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Mac puts up Penny Parker for a few days while she's looking for a job as a singing telegram. But on her first day, she happens to witness two thugs torturing a man.

Unfortunately, she can't find her way back, and when she does, Mac thinks this may be the start of something bigger as the victim is a Federal agent.

original airdate--January 19,1987  rating--16.7/23 share

network: abc

music--MacGyver Theme song by Randy Edelman



  1. Wheelchair magnesium, rags, pipe heated freezer door lock
  2. Microphone became bolo/tripwire
  3. MacGyver uses a road flare to follow a van without being spotted. As the van gets moving, MacGyver pulls a road flare out of the back of his jeep and throws it onto the roof of the van, into an equipment rack. The smoke trail from the flare is enough to allow MacGyver to follow it without needing to maintain line of sight.


"Oh I've heard about you! You're the guy who does the whatchamacallits, you know, MacGyverisms; turns one thing into another?"

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regional titles

Zachte aanraking
Soft Touch
Doux au toucher
Sanfte Berührung
dteagmháil bog
Tocco leggero
Tacto suave