Squid Pro Quo
Episode 25 of 27 within Season Two. Item 42 of 102 overall.
Production number 2AJQ21.
Lawrence Broch - Writer
Janet Leahy - Writer
James Bagdonas - Director
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Edwin Poole, a partner in the law firm of Crane, Poole & Schmidt, returns to work after a stint at a mental institution. But Shirley Schmidt wonders if he should have been released when he decides to help an obese computer technician sue a junk food manufacturer for causing his diabetes. Denny Crane represents Alan Shore, after Shore is arrested for advising a client accused of attempted murder to flee the county.

Meanwhile, after their unexpected rendezvous, Brad Chase wants to explore the possibility of a relationship with Denise Bauer.

original airdate--May 9,2006

music--Theme Song--babylon by david gray

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regional titles

Squid Pro Quo
Squid Pro Quo
Squid Pro Quo
Squid Pro Quo
Squid Pro Quo
Squid Pro Quo
Squid Pro Quo