BL: Los Angeles (II) (season finale)
Episode 27 of 27 within Season Two. Item 44 of 102 overall.
Production number 2AJQ23.
Lawrence Broch - Writer
Michael Reisz - Writer
Bill D'Elia - Director
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Alan Shore takes on the attempted murder trial of the beautiful and sexy Courtney Rae (Jeri Ryan), a Hollywood celebrity who shot a paparazzo she felt was a threat to her life.

Meanwhile both Denny Crane and the LA firm’s senior partner, Barry Goal, are captivated with Ms. Rae. Denise Bauer thinks the sly new associate, Marlene Stanger, will ruin her chances of making partner, so she employs some back-stabbing techniques of her own.

And, after Brad Chase’s sister fires him from defending his teenaged niece at her murder trial, the girl takes it upon herself to re-hire her uncle.

original airdate--May 16,2006    rating--9.3 million


songs--Theme Song--"Thowdown" by Danny Lux

  1. "Where'd You Go by Fort Minor" (Featuring Holly Brook & Jonah Matranga)
  2. "Fury" by Los Straitjackets


Star Trek Reference: Jeri Ryan, the actress who played Seven of Nine on Star Trek: Voyager.

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regional titles

BL: Los Angeles (II)
BL: Los Angeles (II) (season finale)
BL: Los Angeles (II)
BL: Los Angeles (II)
BL: Los Angeles (II)
BL: Los Angeles (II)
BL: Los Angeles (II)