Lincoln (I)
Episode 8 of 24 within Season Three. Item 52 of 102 overall.
Production number 3AJQ08.
David E. Kelley - Writer
Steve Robin - Director
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Alan Shore comes to the aid of Jerry Hands Espenson, whose troubled client stands accused of murdering her ex-girlfriend.

Meanwhile, the eccentric Lincoln Meyer resurfaces at the firm, taking a peculiar interest in Shirley Schmidt. Denny Crane and Bella Horowitz, the mother of his diminutive girlfriend, Bethany, anxiously await paternity test results to determine whether he is Bethanys father.

original airdate--November 26,2006    rating--13.5 million


music--Theme Song--"Thowdown" by Danny Lux



Goof: When Denny Crane is tackled by his old love; there is a secretary (wearing a white top) directly behind him in the distance. In the split second before he is hit, this secretary is facing away from some file cabinets and has just received a file from someone. In the next fraction of a second as Denny is hit (the change can be seen if the scene is paused), the secretary flips 180 degrees, and is now facing the file cabinet. She does not turn around - she is facing one direction and then flips to the other.

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regional titles

Lincoln (I)
Lincoln (I)
Lincoln (je)
Lincoln (I)
Lincoln (I)
Il Lincoln (io)
Lincoln (yo)