The Good Lawyer
Episode 16 of 24 within Season Three. Item 60 of 102 overall.
Production number 3AJQ16.
David E. Kelley - Story
Michael Reisz - Story
David E. Kelley - Teleplay
Michael Pressman - Director
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Alan Shore pulls double-duty in court, representing two separate clients: A woman who stole her late father's plastinized body from an art museum, and a cognitive therapist fired from his job at a hospital for imparting his belief in UFOs to his clients.

Meanwhile, Clarence Bell is emotionally distracted by Claire Simms' invitation to dinner -- and possibly more -- at her house, Bethany Horowitz forces Denny Crane to attend temple with her, and Denise Bauer and Brad Chase continue to be at odds about the future or lack thereof of their relationship.

original airdate--February 20,2007  rating--9.4 million


music--Theme Song--"Thowdown" by Danny Lux



  1. The woman who stole her father's body
  2. The man who was fired for seeing a UFO
  3. Denny is sued by a rabbi


Goof: The rabbi reads a prayer, as Denny is shown to be asleep. But while the prayer is in midday, the words read belong to an evening prayer.

  • The man's body, that got stolen from the museum, would not have his face showing, thus making him recognizable. During Plastination all skin is removed to preserve the donors' identity; their names are also never used in exhibitions. Shore's client would not have been able to identify her father.


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regional titles

De Goede Advocaat
The Good Lawyer
Le bon avocat
Der Gute Rechtsanwalt
An Dlíodóir Dea-
Il buon avvocato
El buen abogado