Tea and Sympathy
Episode 21 of 24 within Season Three. Item 65 of 102 overall.
Production number 3AJQ21.
Sanford Golden - Writer
Brooke Roberts - Writer
Karen Wyscarver - Writer
Jeff Bleckner - Director
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Shirley Schmidt takes on the case of a man who was spontaneously cured of HIV and is trying to maintain legal ownership of his blood.

Meanwhile, when ex-flame Judge Weldon calls on Alan Shore to defend her in a drug case, Alan finds himself having to fend off Denny Crane who is smitten with the sexy judge. Also, Clarence Bell goes up against Jerry Espenson when a girl is kicked out of a sorority for being socially awkward, and Brad Chase's desire to have a military wedding doesn't go over well with Denise Bauer.

original airdate--May 1,2007    

songs--Theme Song--babylon by david gray

  1. "Wicked Little Grrrls"by Esthero


  1. The case of the HIV blood ownership
  2. Judge Weldon's drug case
  3. The snooty sorority lawsuit


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regional titles

Thee en Sympathy
Tea and Sympathy
Thé et sympathie
Tee und Sympathie
Tae agus comhbhrón
Tè e simpatia
Té y simpatía