Episode 1
Episode 1 of 15 within Season One. Item 1 of 15 overall.
Production number 101.
Jonas Pate - Writer
Josh Pate - Writer
Jonas Pate - Director
Josh Pate - Director
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Incredible sightings and events, all revolving around the sea, begin to pour in from all over the world. It would appear that there is a strange, powerful new type of sea creature appearing all over the globe. Oceanographers all over are studying this new creature. These oceanographers and researchers include Laura Daughtery, David Lee, a Pentagon official and Dr. Aleksander Cirko, a government scientist. Richard Connelly, an insurance salesman, is also interested in the creatures, and his interest leads him to Laura.

Meanwhile, a young boy, Miles, discovers an odd egg near the ocean, and, excited, decides to care from it and wait for it to hatch.

original airdate--September 19,2005  rating--7.3 million




Jesse Daughtery is seen playing with a collapsable toy lightsaber in this episode. A lightsaber is an energy sword used by Jedi Knights in the Star Wars film franchise.


  • It is shown that the creatures give off a blueish-green glow while underwater.
  • The submarine receives electrical damage as if struck by lightning and has bite marks on the outer hull.
  • The tooth recovered from the South Carolina carcass is said to have no known connection to the fossil record.
  • The show concludes with an ominous meteor shower near Belize.


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Also known as - There's something strange going on in the world's oceans

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Aflevering 1
Episode 1
Episode 1
Episode 1
Eipeasóid 1
Episodio 1
Episodio 1